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Documentaries Videos

Documentaries Videos

We have a systematic approach of designing documentaries provided for clients who want a documentary to be produced, depending upon the nature and creative demand of the documentary our team works on the research scripting and production part of the documentary

The documentary production is not just limited to TV & Cinema. A documentary crafted with passion and love brings interesting stories for organisational branding purposes as well. Our approach will make the world fall in love with watch your stories. Our team has the skills and abilities that will make your company's documentary film 'larger than life'.

Political Documentary

EHC Software have come up with the idea of a political documentary especially for the political leaders and parties to make their efforts immortal in the minds of the public. Often the political leaders go unnoticed, what they have done for their constituency and what their future planning is. Through this political documentary they can talk or address to the citizens and share their thoughts for the betterment of the public.



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